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tai wan sirius sewing machine industry co.,ltd.is one of the modern companies that specialized in manufacturing all kinds of sewing machines. we have young, energetic, creative research team as well as a team that has worked many years in assembly, testing and production in the manufacturing field. moreover, we have engaged many senior talents of this field to join us in researching, management and training. meanwhile, we have advanced production line, processing center and many precision parts supplier, which could guarantee that our products could reach the international standard.

with rich management experience, advanced equipment and skilled workers, we could provide excellent products and services for our customers. with high quality and practicability, our main products " sirius " sell well all over the world.

with quality policy "with heart's effort to create classic world" and company tenet "use technology for innovation, create sewing classic and do service for the society", we are aiming to follow the international sewing machine products steps. we have set up a full set high-efficiency, scientific production and management system, and we are able to provide high-quality products quickly and steadily with our strong manufacturing power and complete after sales service system. we are aiming to create famous brand in sewing machine field and contribute to human being's adornment culture process.